About me

The best way to describe me would be "The Girl Next Door". I am the type of girl who likes to work with my hands and see if I can do it myself. One thing I don't understand about myself is the inability to sit idle, I need to keep doing something in order to keep myself sane.

I have done my postgraduation in computer  sciences. God knows how! Because I am still obsessed with my passion for art. I had this thing for creativity and decoration since I was a child. I like blogging because it drives me to be better and I learn so much from other crafters. I like making fashion accessories for myself .

I'm also on a quest to make this world a little greener every day. 

I madly love butterflies and cherry blossoms, you will know this if you go through my blog. I am an amateur numismatist and philatelist. Besides crafts, I have tons of interests and I want to do so many things.
I am addicted to music, watching T.V, doing just about anything with friends, photography.
{ Just a guess and I hope I'm right, you must be thinking "Gosh! she's like me". :)
 If you are? I told you I'm that "Girl Next Door" ;) }

This blog is a place where i keep all my projects and some of life that comes in the in-between.

I like kind comments too. Please feel free to drop a note! :)
Thanks for stopping by!