Wednesday, July 20, 2011

DIY: Simple Magnetic Bookmarks

What I like about a magnetic bookmark is that it creates a sandwich around the page, and the magnet keeps the bookmark from sliding out of the book. They also make great gifts for people of all ages! I made these simple bookmarks out of handmade paper.

Here's the super easy how-to:
1.Keep in mind that your bookmarks will fold, so you need to choose a piece of card stock or other durable paper that can stand some wear. Cut a rectangle.
2.Choose an image that you like or draw your own.
3.Fold your bookmark in half--picture side up.
4.Add a magnet to each of the blank insides of your bookmark. When your bookmark is folded over a page of your book or magazine, the magnets will securely hold the bookmark in place to prevent slippage.

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Jaya Christina said...

wow.. how creative is that!! I am so going to make some!
Thanks for playing along at CraftyJC Challenge #10 - Simplicity

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anandhirajan said...

nice idea thanks for sharing

Susan Raihala said...

What a cool pretty and useful and great for gift-giving!