Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DIY felt case for a tablet

I was lucky enough to get a tablet as a gift and, after a while without any protection, it was in danger of getting a bit beat up in my bag. I was looking around at cases and kept on seeing all these lovely felt tablet cases around that I liked but I didn't want to spend the money they usually sell for. So, I decided to make mine out of craft felt sheets instead which happen to be just the right size. Yay, I love a bargain solution! This project cost me less than 25rs.

Materials needed:

A4 sized felt sheet
Buttons for closure

I hand-sewed just simple hemming across the side of the case using thread in a matching color. Then I trimmed the seams, created a flap, turned it right side out, sewed on the button for closure, and voila! I can't really give specific instructions because I just eyeballed the whole thing as I went, but it was an easy project and fortunately, my tablet fits in there perfectly.
It's a simple case, which is just what I wanted. It protects my tab from scratches when I slip it in my bag and from dust when it's lying around the house. No, it's not going to protect your tab if you drop it on concrete.... :-) I made this thing one month ago and it's still holding up like new. Hooray for simple projects that I can actually complete!

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