Monday, September 26, 2011

Sketching with Color Pencils..

This tutorial is written for the beginning to intermediate colored pencil artist.
1.Transferring the picture
Okay, you've got your pencils sharp and ready to go. Now how do you get the picture on that cool surface you picked out?
I always use the graph method. With the graph method, you either draw a graph on the original or use a graph lined acetate cover on the original. Then draw a faint set of lines on your surface, drawing each section of graph to match the section of the original. This is a another great method to use if you need to enlarge your sketch. Just change the size of one set of grids.
2. Put base colors in
After tranferring the picture onto the surface, color your sketch with light layer of appropriate colors.

3. Develop colors, highlights and shadows
Start blending the colors and add some greys in shadows and heavy white in highlights.
4. Blend, add more colors, subtract colors as necessary
Now add another layer of colors. Darken the colors and add the rest of white tones and complementary shadows. Work on punching up the contrasts.

5. Finishing touches
Use an eraser to remove unwanted lines or marks and make your sketch more smoother and the colors more subtle.
There you go! Any questions?? Then please write to me at Please feel free to drop a note! :) Thanks for stopping by!
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Dr Sonia S V said...

Wow Neelima awesome- Love it. Such texture you have captured in these works of art


notyet100 said...

Last one is too good

Patricia Torres said...

Wow! Wow! Nee lima! This is just awesome! Stunning! Your sketches are amazing !! Well done!

Sharkara@SensitiveCreations said...

Very Beautiful sketches Neelima, and of course your blog layout is striking and different, liked it a lot :)

Sharkara@SensitiveCreations said...

Hey I am joining you that I can visit again :)

Neelima said...

Thank you all.... love you guys.... :*

Nisha said...

cnt take my eyes from the first one...real or art OMG awesome