Sunday, September 4, 2011

Crafturday Creative Mess 2 - Paper carnations

I'm sorry for not posting lately. But during this break.I managed to visit my grandmother. I couldnot post the next article for craftufrday creative mess so i am posting it today....
The second post for crafturday creative mess is a tutorial on making “Paper carnations”. I’m a fan of paper flowers , and these are just too clever to resist.

Tissue papers, Marker, Pair of scissors, Binding wire, Floral tape

1. Take a circular container and draw around it with a pencil onto your folded tissue paper.
2. Cut out the circle, holding all the layers of tissue paper together. Use a large clip to hold the layers together.
3. Color around the edges of the tissue paper with a marker.

4. Keep these circles together and poke two holes near the centre of the circles. Fold down about 1 inch of binding wire, and push the long end through one hole and the short end through the other hole.
5. Pull the ends all the way through, then twist the ends of the binding wire together underneath the flower to keep all the circles together.
6. Now to make petals, crinkle each circle up individually, and try not to have the folds in the same place each time.
Keep scrunching… When all the circles have been crumpled up, you will end up with a lovely carnation like this:

Start to wrap the floral tape tightly around the binding wire so that they look like flowers with green stems.

If you make one then use it to jazz up your gift wapping....If you make about a dozen you will have a beautiful bouquet.

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Nisha said...

wow ths s very nice...what a wonderful idea...even the border color idea gr8

Sudha - Art Admirer said...

Wow beautiful creations n beautiful blog too.