Monday, October 24, 2011

Shopo Diwali Fever

Do you want to shop for handcrafted home decor products this diwali??? If yes, then you have to visit Shopo Diwali Fever.

Here is my wishlist from shopo diwali fever
Motu Ganesha from poi doi handicrafts.
This very adorable, all round and healthy ganesha is hand made on a small potters wheel with very refined clay. This is so pretty.... bolo ganesh maharaj ki jai : )

Terracotta camel lamp from poi doi handicrafts
With a plain coloured shade on top this terracotta lamp is sure to accentuate any corner of your home.

An auspicious ganesha print decorates this wax shell. It’s a permanent hollow candle placed on a wooden base lit with a tea light inside making the artwork glow.
Bring it home this diwali season.

Hugginwale ganeshjifrom Masala popsicles
Ganesha loves these pretty diyas so much, that he doesn't seem to want to let go of them.. Beautiful, Vibrant Hand painted diya's - in a Set of 4.

Rangoli and diyas from alankarik art
Your courtyard will look beautiful with these diyas...

Pop in a tealight and watch his happy face light up

Pink lotus cushion from Mish mash design
On this Festive season you can gives a Royale touch to your house with these Lotus cushion covers, Which also symbolise goddess Lakshmi.

Add some vibrant colours to your home this festive season. Each cover is unique and handmade with brocade. Their size is a standard 12x12"

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Patricia Torres said...

Lovely.. wish list.. Good luck!! :-)

pooja doiphode (poi doi handicrafts) said...

Hey Neelima....So happy to see our Motu Ganesha & Camel Lamp on your wish list....All the best...