Monday, August 1, 2011

Make your own flutterby

Flutterby is an other name for butterfly. Defined by describing what it does, especially in the garden as it travels from flower to flower.
I believe a bu-fly is a good omen...... i wish one fine day the open air is filled with colorful bu-flies..... sitting and staring those beautiful bu-flies is so much fun..... well it is not possible to have real butterflies in your room but you can create these wonderful creatures just by painting them.
Things you will need: White handmade paper, acrylic paints,small magnets, glue, scissors and a pencil
1.Trace the patterns of butterflies on the handmadepaper and cut them carefully
2.Paint them with bright colors.... so they look natural
3.Take small magnets and glue them on to the back of bu-fly.
AND you have pretty bu-flies that you can use to hold a small note on fridge or a cupboard...... or add a small clip to the butterfly and let it cling to the curtain.
I hope you liked this tutorial...... if you have tried making them, then click some bright pictures and send it to me at and i will put up your pictures on my blog.


Nisha said...

good information and work neelima...

Emreen said...

Lovely work... Always love butterflies...