Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fabric painted bags.....

Fabric painting can be a fun and beautiful craft. You can use it to add designs and color to clothing including t-shirts, pants, jeans, and jackets. In addition to that you can decorate bags and totes, pillows, lamp shades, and any other fabric item you wish to add color to.

I painted a cherry blossom on the bag (free hand painting). I glued few rhine stones in the center of the flowers.
Step 1
Wash and dry your fabric. Whenever working with fabric it is a good idea to wash and dry it. This will let the fabric shrink if it is going to shrink and if the fabric contains starch, it will be removed.

Step 2
Choose your paints and painting method. You have a lot of choices when it comes to paints and painting methods these days. Each has an advantage and gives a different look.
Mixing your options-It is most fun when you can mix your options giving you a wide range of style.

Step 3
Choosing your design. You have a few options when choosing your design. You can free hand it. Another option is usage of stencils.

Step 4
Apply your design. For iron on transfer, apply your design by placing the drawn lines directly onto your fabric in the place of your choice. Gently press a hot iron on top making sure that you aren't moving the pattern (which will get you multiple pictures).

Step 5
Paint your object. Go slow while painting your piece.

Step 7
Once finished allow to dry. It is a good idea to let your piece dry at least 24 hours. It is an even better idea to give it 48 hours to make sure that it is thoroughly dry and set. After the paint is dried, iron the fabric on the reverse side carefully.

Step 8
Wash and dry. Before wearing, using, or gifting your new creation it is a good idea to wash and dry it. This will make sure everything is clean and set beforehand.

Have fun and get crafty. If you have tried painting them, then click some bright pictures and send it to me at and i will put up your pictures on my blog.


Dr Sonia S V said...

Such exquisite work Neelima

Patricia Torres said...

Oh lovely!! I like this idea.. and will surely try this out sometime!!

Judy said...

I love them all and your painting is so awesome. Have a great week :)

Neelima said...

Thank you all :)

Nisha said...

they are pretty neelima...particularly love those butterfly designs...

Rashmi said...


You have a beautiful set of paintings. Very neat work, Good job!!