Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A green gift..

I thought this post would pertain to everyone since most of us live indoors and in major cities where the air quality outdoors has been shown to be cleaner than the air inside of our homes. With all the pollutants and gasses that rarely get to escape, our homes have become havens for walking allergens and toxic chemicals that are surely causing loads of air traffic .

In looking for new ways to maintain a pure and healthy air level at home i found that Money plant or Scindapsus aureus will not only survive indoors but gives me a daily boost of endless breathable air.
Here are few pictures of money plants at my place......
They remove formaldehydes and other volatile chemicals and can be a good addition to just about any room.

I also personally like it for some reasons. Firstly, I like it because of its large delicate dark heart shaped leaves. I like refreshing and youthful look of its leaves. And secondly, I like them because of their wonderful fast growing nature. No doubt, its an excellent creeper. You just give them an ideal place and they'll start growing on their own.

If it is your child’s birthday party at home..... give the kids small money plants as return gifts, tell them to nurture it with care. this act of yours will make them responsible ...... You can gift these money plants to anyone because they are easy to maintain .


Emreen said...

Beautiful.. Love the idea of gifting money plants in parties... !!

Nisha said...

the idea is superb u...